Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Even when it's stupidly hot..

...you still need to eat. And not only sorbet. Sad, but true.

I had a mad craving for curried chicken salad yesterday and what I came up with was brilliant if I do say so myself: a lovely combo of creamy and cool, zippy, fruity, and crunchy with lots and lots of color.

I could have been deterred by the fact that despite my copious collection of Indian spices (seriously, you should see my freezer which is stuffed with things like curry leaves and mango powder and enough mustard seed to fill a small pillow) I had absolutely no curry powder in the house. But nothing was going to stop me from having my salad and nothing was going to force me out into the heat. I ended up making my own curry powder, and that may be why this salad was so lovely but then again, it would probably be just dandy with a good commercial brand of curry powder.

My other imrov move was using dried mangoes instead of fresh. Fresh woudl be delicious, I'm sure, but again, the heat. I stayed put and rehydrated some dried mangoes from Trader Joe's and they added the perfect bit of sweetness to the salad.

This was a huge hit at my house, enough so that I think I will be making it again very soon. There's really no end to this heat wave in sight, so I'm pretty happy to live on salads, smoothies, and sorbets.

Printable recipe here


Chris said...

Oooh, I love the idea of using dried mango in curried chicken salad! What did you use to make your curry? My jar is nearly empty and I'd like to try making my own.

Chris said...

Duh, I scrolled down and there's your curry recipe. Danke!

Fairion said...

We tried this for dinner tonight. I cut the recipe in half because curry is not a big favorite here and i was worried about the reception. It was a tremendous hit. Hubby asked me "how bad would it be if there were no leftovers of this" That is his best compliment.

Anonymous said...

YUM!! I love this idea!
Thanks! Great site!