Sunday, September 21, 2008

Egg Curry

Thank goodness for Colleen who is not only responsible for my first taste of egg curry (made by her Indian mother-in-law)--she also reminded me to give it a try and gave me a copy of her favorite Indian cookbook where I found the recipe. What a friend!

I've made egg curry twice now and it's been absolutely heavenly: rich, complex, and hearty. I served it over basmati rice steamed with a cinnamon stick and a few crushed cardamom pods and it made a perfect meal.

This low budget cookbook is packed with a huge variety of recipes but leaves something to be desired in terms of instructions so I tried to re-work the recipe and make it somewhat more user friendly. Nonetheless, it may look a bit daunting. Full disclosure: the first page is just ingredients. But it's really not that hard and most definitely worth every ingredient.

You'll find my adapted recipe here. After typing all that out I think it might be time for another batch.


Elizabeth said...

We have just had, for the second night, a Magpie Eats meal. Egg curry tonight was definitely a hit! With everyone but the picky eater, of course, and he is sick. Sigh. I told him this would be great for his cold (with all the spices but it's not "spicy" hot) but he doesn't want to eat anything. Anyway. I agree that that is one long list of ingredients....but yes, it is worth every one of them, and it didn't necessarily mean a more complicated recipe. I thought it was very doable.

Chris said...

Mmmmmm...I love egg curry. I do a korma, very similar to yours. So delicious and really quite easy. I need to save up some eggs and make this again soon.