Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Not a Lot of Cooking Going On

Weekends are one thing....but now it's Tuesday. The last of the chana masala over freshly steamed basmati rice was a perfect breakfast. I really did think about cooking some proper food for everyone today but the sun was out and the garden was begging for attention. With any luck I'll be writing in a few months about the fruits of my lovingly tended blueberries. So far I haven't really had much luck with them, but I think last year's early February warm spell followed by a hard freeze really threw things off.

I could have cooked lunch. I should have cooked lunch. But with the sun shining and my tax refund newly deposited I thought it was surely time for lunch out. I gathered up the kids and we met The Spouse for lunch at Bumblekiss, my favorite tiny restaurant in NE Portland. They have a huge menu with lots of choices even for those who avoid meat and mushrooms. I've had a number of delicious pasta dishes there. Today I chose the rigatoni with blue cheese, broccoli, and toasted almonds. It was delicious. Sitting outside in the warm, almost-spring sunshine it was a heavenly meal.

But this gets me no closer to my goal of making good, healthy everyday food for my family.

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Clarissa said...

Hi Melisa,

this may have to be short. It's bedtime for Alden, but Ray is giving him some sort of a "mini-lecture" about their next potential bike ramp (I'm thinking a blog about Ray and Alden's bike activity is about to be born...), so I have a quick moment for the computer.

I think I made the Nigella butterscotch layer cake last spring, but don't recall being wowed by it... (the zucchini cake, on the other hand...).

Also, I noticed, on your blogger profile, mention of Manu Chao... we love Manu Chao - not sure if we ever made that connection with you.

Also, you mention Annie Lamott there, too, in your book list. Have you read Bird by Bird. Sometimes I teach a course about the teaching of writing - and I have my students read parts of Bird by Bird. I wonder if it might work in any of your ESL teaching contexts/efforts.

I look forward to reading more of your blog.